Woolly Wools

Most of the time when we select our yarns for the latest projects we want to craft, we want something that is soft and squishy. We want it to feel nice against the skin as we work with it and then for those that wear it after.

However, there are benefits to the woolly wools. Some projects really do require the fibers to grab onto each other like when you steek a sweater. Felting a project after knitting it up also requires the 100% wools. Another great benefit of wearing 100% wool garments is that they help regulate body temperature.

We've got a few yarns in store that are 100% wool and perfect for any of these types of projects. Our newest one is Berroco's Mercado which is a chunky weight yarn. We've gotten in a few colours and will be getting more as we faze out the Northern Lights line. We also have a selection of patterns for doing felted projects. Stop by the store to see the options.


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