Why I always recommend having a few WIPs...

Why I always recommend having a few WIPs...

To the new crafter and the experienced one, I always recommend that everyone has a few WIPs (works in progress). Even if you are a monogamous knitter or crocheter, you should have a few projects and here's why:

šŸ§¶ You need a small one for on the go - Whether you're stuck waiting in the doctor's office, being a passenger on the road, or going to In Store Knit Night at your favourite yarn shop, a small easy project is key to keeping you entertained.

šŸ§¶ You may get stuck on the one you're working on - Not every project goes smooth so it's a good idea to have a back up (or two) while the "bad" project is in time-out or you have to wait until you get a chance to get some help from your LYS owner.

šŸ§¶ You may need a break from a big project - As much as we love the large projects, it's nice to take a break from them, zip through something small and get that sense of accomplishment.

šŸ§¶ You need to keep your hands busy but not your brain sometimes - Easy projects are great for when you feel like knitting or crocheting but don't want to concentrate or you need a break from the ones where you need to pay attention.

So how many WIPs do you have? I'm not even going to count. šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļøšŸ˜†

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