Summer of Colour - The key to choosing the right colours 🔑

Summer of Colour

You've picked your colour scheme? Great! Now how do you make it perfect?

The key is actually the VALUE of the colours you select. What do I mean by Value?

Value is how dark or light a colour is.

If there isn't a lot of contrast between the value of the colours you've chosen the design work will blend and be subtle. If the contrast is high, the colourwork will stand out and the design will be very graphic.

If you aren't sure about the Value of the colourways you've picked, here's a tip:
📸 Take a picture of the yarns (or download images from the yarn company's website).
📸 Change the picture(s) to grey scale.
📸 Now you can see the Value of the yarn without being distracted by the colourways.

Did you make a good choice? Is there enough contrast? Maybe some colourways you'll need to go a shade darker or lighter to get the right difference in value.

Below you can see how switching a picture to grey scale allows you to find out the value of the colours. Pictured in the left image is: Aquamarine (78118), Teal (78121) and Lagoon (78132). The same colours in the same order are pictured on the right in grey scale. You can see how they end up having values of light, medium and dark.

yarn in colour yarn in grey scale

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