Sock Talk introduction

We're getting excited for June 1st when we kick off Sock-a-palooza. It will definitely be a sock-focused month as we try to knit and crochet as many socks as we can. I'll be sharing tips and tricks here on our Sweet Yarns' blog throughout the month. Make sure to read them all. You'll recognize them with our Sock Talk image.

One of the first things you'll need to get started on socks is definitely patterns. Ravelry has over 50,000 sock patterns listed on their website. That's a lot of socks! That's a lot of options too. I saved the search for you. Ravelry: Pattern Search

When you go down the rabbit hole of Ravelry, remember to check off some options down the left side. Toe up or cuff down? Free pattern? Fingering or worsted weight? Adult or baby? Checking off those things will narrow down the search into something much more manageable.

Some Sweet Yarnies favourites are:

  • Customizable Toe Up Socks (by Lauren Raymond)
  • Hermione's Everyday Socks (by Erica Lueder)
  • Rye and Rye Light (by Tin Can Knits)
  • Coffee Talk (by Tracie Miller)
  • Scatterby Socks (by Amy Stringer)
  • Elementary Watson Socks (by Sherry Menton)
  • Socks on a Plane (by Laura Linneman)
  • DRK Everyday Socks (by Andrea Mowry)

    Which ones are you planning to do? Comment below and let us know.

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