Sock-a-palooza this June

We are bringing back our Sock-a-palooza competition for the month of June. It's just some fun to see how many socks we can make in 30 days. And there will be prizes.

Make sure to join in our Virtual Craft Breaks and Virtual Knit Nights on Facebook. I'll be sharing tips on sock knitting and answering your questions throughout June. And the prizes will be announced on our July 1st Virtual Knit Night.

Have you joined in the fun before? Below are all the details. Whether you've knit 100 socks or starting your first pair, there is a place for you.


Beginner - anyone who hasn't knit socks before or is just learning. You will get an entry for each sock you complete. (A sock needs to weight 35 grams or more.)

Intermediate - anyone who has knit a few socks but isn't obsessed with knitting them. You will get an entry for each pair you make. (A pair needs to weight 75 grams or more.)

Advanced - those sock knitters who always have a pair on the go. You will get an entry for each pair you complete. (A pair needs to weight 75 grams or more.) Try challenging yourself with something new (ie. new pattern, add a stitch pattern to your plain socks, try a different method, etc.).

A "pair of socks" can be baby socks, kids socks, shorties, etc. but you'll need to knit more than two socks per entry. The entry needs to weight at least 75 grams.

Sock pairs don't have to match. If you've got lots of single socks that need a mate, you can work on them.

We're going to allow one WIP (work in progress) per person. Needs to be less than halfway through the pair. Please snap a pic prior to working on it.

You can use any weight of yarn from fingering to worsted weight to make the socks. They can be knit or crocheted.

Since Sock-a-palooza will be virtual this year, we're asking that you post all your entries into our Sweet Yarnies group. Make sure to write down which group of sock makers you are in, the sock pattern and yarn used to make them. Please make sure to do before-and-after pictures of your WIP entry. If you aren't on Facebook and still want to participate, you can email me your pictures.

All entries must be submitted by June 30th at 11:59PM.

If you have any questions, please contact the store and I'd be happy to answer them.


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Hi Lauren,
I have posted my WIP on Sweet Yarnies. So I can’t use this WIP as a finished project right? Do I have to finish knitting the socks before June 30th and take a pic and post it. Not sure what to do!

Murielle Guerin

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