Price increase coming soon

Price increase

My sales rep from Berroco let me know that there will be a slight price increase on all yarns from Berroco starting at the end of May. The cost of fibres and production of yarns has gone up so the cost of the yarns is going up too.

Now don't stress! It isn't much. For example:

  • the Vintage line will be going from $10 per skein to $11
  • Vintage Baby will be $6 instead of $5
  • the Ultra Wool and Remix lines will be going from $16 to $17

And you still have time to get yarns at the current pricing. Any yarns purchased or ordered from Sweet Yarns before Monday, May 30th will be at the current price.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 31st, I will be working on raising prices of stock in store and online as well as putting in one last order at the current prices.

So if there is any yarns you were thinking of purchasing, now is the time to do it and save yourself a few dollars.

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