May's Sock-A-Palooza

Customers had so much fun doing it last May, we're doing it again!

Socks are a great project because they are small and portable. There can be a lot of repetition to the patterns which make them easy to do. Toes and heels can be a little tricky but that's what we're here for.

This is a bit of a long post but all the details are here. Please read through.

May is going to be all about socks at Sweet Yarns. We've got two things going on:

  1. Sock Courses
  2. Draws

Sock Courses

Cost is $30 and we'll be using a toe up, magic loop pattern. The pattern has different sizes and different weights of yarn so you can do whatever you're comfortable with.

We're going to have two different course options this time.

  • Option 1 - Saturdays May 4th and 11th, 10:30AM to 12:30PM
  • Option 2 - Wednesday afternoons, 1:00-3:00PM. You will sign up for two afternoons out of the four available.

All registrations are being done in store this time. Please contact Sweet Yarns to reserve your spot. Payment and sock details are required to hold it.



All month long you'll work away on knitting socks. We're going to have three separate draws at the beginning of June.

  1. Beginner - is anyone who hasn't knit socks before. You'll get your name in the draw just for taking our sock course. You'll get your name in the draw again for each sock you complete during the month of May.
  2. Intermediate - is anyone who has knit a few socks. You'll get your name in the draw again for each sock you complete during May.
  3. Advanced - is for those sock knitters who always have a pair on the go. You'll get your name in the draw for every pair of socks you complete during the month.


  • A "pair of socks" needs to weigh 75 grams or more - this means you can do baby socks, kid socks, shorties, etc. but you'll need to knit more than one pair per entry.
  • Sock pairs don't have to match. If you've got lots of single socks that need a mate, you can work on them.
  • We're also going to allow one WIP (work in progress) per person. Needs to be less than halfway through the pair. Please snap a pic or bring in the WIP prior to working on it.
  • All submissions need to be completed and presented at Sweet  Yarns by closing on Saturday, June 1st.

Thanks for reading all this. Any questions, please contact the store. 

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