Learn with Lauren

Learn with Lauren

The return of Fall usually means the return of learning. It's time for you to get your Fibre Education!

There are lots of ways to "learn with Lauren" so you can be confident in your crafting and see beautiful results with every project you make. 


In-person Assistance

If you are in need of in-person help, you are welcome to stop by the store for a quick assist, or book an hour or two for more hands-on help.

If you already have a project in mind and want assistance at any point in the process, we can book time for you at a cost of $15 per hour. Contact the store to schedule a time that works best for you.


Learn something new from the comfort of your home. Sweet Yarns' Project Kits come with videos specially made by Lauren to help you complete the whole project.

There are three levels of kits with different themes depending on your experience or the skill you haven't tried yet. No needles are included but special items (like notions and accessories) are added in. 


Sweet Yarns' Digital Products are PDFs and videos for to help you with your crafting skills and bettering your finished projects. Find out all Lauren's tips and tricks for different aspects of crafting.

The first one Lauren put together is Colour Theory for Crafters. She's done a few PDFs and a video with more to come. You can order it through the website at any time.



Throughout the year, Sweet Yarns hosts different make-a-longs (and fun competitions). They're usually focused on a specific pattern or theme. It's great to participate because Lauren shares tips and tricks while she works through the projects with you.


Are you ready to learn? Where will you join in? Make sure to head over to the Fibre Education portion of the website and stay tuned in to all the store's announcement.

If you have any questions, please contact the store (message, call, email, stop in). I'd be happy to answer any of them.

Looking forward to helping your further your Fibre Education.

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