Lauren's Library Blanket - 4

I've been working away on my Library Blanket, but with all my projects that are currently on needles, it's been a little slow. 

I made it through the first section of horizontal stripe easily and was very excited to start the first vertical stripe section. It was super simple to cast on the extra stitches to give the vertical height and then start the vertical striping process. 

I've got a little tip for you too. When I started kntting the blanket, I figured out that 5 garter ridges is equal to 1 inch. Throughout the pattern they tell you measurements as to how far to knit with each colour combination. So I started using my garter ridge gauge to figure out how many ridges I would need to knit for different colour combinations. This is super handy when it comes to the vertical stripes because for each ridge you decrease one stitch from your horizontal section. What I started doing was counting out how many stitches I would need to decrease and then placed a second stitch marker after the last stitch. This way I knew when I would have to switch colours again.


 As promised, I made a list of all the Heritage Solid Sock yarn colourways as Hex colour codes. This way if you want to play around with mixing colours on Purl Soho's Color Preview Tool, you can get an idea of what your blanket would look like using the Heritage Solid Sock yarn that we're recommending.

Here is a PDF that contains my best estimate of the colourways as of June 2021.

You can find the pictures of the colourways here

You can find the Color Preview Tool on their website here, just after all the Materials and before the Gauge. 


How's your blanket coming along? I know there were a few people joining me in making one.

If you're ready to make one and need any help picking colours or you're ready to order your yarns, contact the store and we'll get it worked out.

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