Home Sweet Home MAL

Home Sweet Home (again) MAL

Home Sweet Home (again) MAL 🏠

Knitting for your nest – Crocheting for your crib

Our New Year Make-A-Long is back and we’ll be making things for our homes.

I’m letting you know early because I want to make sure you have time to peruse patterns, pick yarns and colours, and get your orders placed in plenty of time to get everything in before Christmas. I’m planning to have one last order go into suppliers on November 28th, so you’ll want to make your choices before then. But of course, the sooner the better.

Suggested projects are (but not limited to): afghans, pillows, baby blankets, baskets, dishcloths, teapot cozies, coasters, mug sweaters, ottomans, bed jackets, slippers, reading socks. Honestly, anything you think you would use around the house.

If you need patterns, just head to Ravelry and search home. There’s a ton in knit and crochet options. (Ravelry search) I’ve written a few patterns too (which are available on Ravelry or in store). There’s some magazines and books at the store too if you want some more options. I’m also happy to help with picking patterns and matching colours.

The MAL will run from January 1st (kicking off with a quick Facebook Live) until February 29th. It should be long enough to get a larger project (like an afghan) completed or a bunch of smaller ones (like cloths). As with all MALs, we’ll be connecting virtually in our Sweet Yarnies group and our Virtual Knit Nights on Facebook; and in person at our In Store Knit Nights and weekly in store knitting times. Make sure to join in the fun!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.