Christmas Sweater KAL

Christmas Sweater KAL

Back before Christmas 2022, a bunch of us got excited about doing a Christmas Sweater knit-a-long. Of course, we didn’t have time to knit one before Christmas so we’re going to do them now so they’re ready to wear this holiday season.


Important Dates:

Yarn choice cut off – Tuesday, July 25th
Cast on – Thursday, August 24th (on our Virtual Knit Night)
End date – Wednesday, October 25th


Christmas Sweater options:

I’m sure you immediately thought of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. These are a great option (of course), but maybe that’s not your style. You can definitely make a pretty Christmas sweater or even something you could wear over your fancy dresses at all the holiday events.

If you haven’t picked a pattern yet, I did a search on Ravelry for “Christmas sweater” in knit and crochet, and this is what came up: Ravelry: Pattern Search. Hopefully that will get you going. You can always stop by the store to have me help you some more.

Yarn choices:

The thickness of yarn you’ll need will depend on what your pattern says, but here are some recommendations depending on how much you would like to invest in your Christmas Sweater:

Anthem – the Anthem line comes in DK, Worsted and Chunky weights. It’s 100% acrylic, washes well and costs $6 for 100 grams (chunky comes in 200 grams).

Vintage – the Vintage line comes in Fingering, DK, Worsted, and Chunky weights. It’s a wool, acrylic, nylon blend, machine washable, and most cost $11 for 100 grams.

Ultra Wool – the Ultra Wool Line comes in Fingering, DK, Worsted and Chunky. It’s a superwash wool and costs $17 for 100 grams.

All of these yarns come in a great array of colourways so there will definitely be ones to suit your preferred Christmas colours. Stop in at the store to look at all the options and I’ll help you figure out how much you will need.


Working with your budget:

As with any larger project, you are going to need quite a few skeins to make a Christmas Sweater which means a bit of an investment. If your budget is holding you back from joining in, please stop by and chat with me. We can work out a payment plan so that you can participate.


If you have any questions about our Christmas Sweater KAL, please contact the store and I'd be happy to answer them.