Pandemic Update for the rest of April (I think)

Adjustments continue at home and at the store as we all settle into this new normal. As much as I hope this doesn't last much longer, I'm trying to get used to it and make the best of the new situations.

Because Ontario and Greater Sudbury are in a state of emergency, I've had to adjust things at the store a little bit. I can no longer allow customers to shop in person. If you do come to the store to shop, I can pull items off the shelves to show you but you won't be able to touch products until you take them home. I'll be adjusting some of the furniture at the store as well to help facilitate these changes.
I am continuing to update all our contact outlets (phone, website, Facebook, store window) as often as things change but I think the current state will last for a while.
I know how important it is to still be able to do our crafts for our mental health, especially now when we need to be staying home. If you need anything, please contact the store. Email or Facebook messages are the fastest as I get all notifications on my phone. When I'm back in the store, I'll be answering all phone messages and filling orders.
These are the approximate times I will be in the store to answer phone calls and fill orders:
Tuesday - 10AM to 5PM
Thursday - 1PM to 8PM
Saturday - 10AM to 3PM
Times may change slightly to make deliveries. If the current times don't suit, you can book an appointment. Please contact the store to book a time.
You can order through the website, over the phone, or in person.
We are now offering curbside pick up and free delivery.
Inspired by the success of our Virtual Knit Nights and to reach those who aren't on Facebook, we're starting a Virtual Craft Break on Mondays through Instagram Live. Join us for a break to brighten up your Mondays at 12:30PM. First one is Monday, April 20th. I'll be chatting with your from my home for about half an hour. Crafters of all kinds are welcome.
Virtual Craft Breaks - Mondays as 12:30PM (half an hour) through Instagram Live.
Virtual Knit Nights - Thursdays at 6:30PM (an hour) through Facebook Live.
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