February @ Sweet Yarns

February @ Sweet Yarns

Love is in the air... at least love for my favourite crafts. ;) The more I knit, the more I love it. I go through periods of wanting to knit all things with cables, then lace, then something else. How about you?

As February begins tomorrow, here is the latest news for Sweet Yarns for the month. Please read through all the notes below.



Our instore shopping hours continue. We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10AM to 3PM, other than Thursday which is 1PM to 6PM. As we are a retail shop, proof of vaccination is not required. We ask that you make sure to give everyone lots of space as they shop as the physical distancing rule is still in affect.

We'll have these shortened hours so that I can continue to do deliveries for the foreseeable future. Deliveries in Greater Sudbury occur usually before or after the store hours.

You can shop on our website 24/7. You can pick up your orders at the store, have it delivered to your home in Greater Sudbury, or have it shipped to you through Canada Post if you live farther away. Shipping is done usually next business day.

An update to our shopping procedures will be sent out as soon as there are any changes.


Cold Day hours

January weather was very cold! We had lots of mornings where it was below -25C  and my car didn't want to start. As I am a team of one, the store was delayed in opening because I couldn't get there in time.

So, I'm implementing "Cold Day hours" to hopefully combat some of the stress. I will try to keep regular hours, but if the car won't start first thing, you'll see the image above posted on social media and the website. Thank you for your understanding. 


Self Care KAL

We'll be wrapping up our Self Care KAL soon but there is still time to join in. Make sure you make something for yourself for a change. Join in the fun in our Facebook group, Sweet Yarnies, our Virtual Knit Nights and check out the tips on our blog.

Our next KAL will probably be some kind of Spring/Summer wear after we get inspired by the Yarn Tasting. Stay tuned for details.


It's one of my favourite times of the year! Berroco has come out with their new Spring/Summer line for 2022. We're having our Yarn Tasting virtually this year. On Thursday, February 24th, we're taking over the Virtual Knit Night to talk about the new yarns and patterns. Make sure to tune in on Facebook at 6:30.

If you'd like to try out the new yarns without investing in full skeins, make sure to order a yarn tasting kit. We've got them available as a preorder on our website.


In store knitting

It is so lovely having crafters back in the store to work on their projects. We have spots available most days from 11 to 2 but as we are limited due to physical distancing. If you are interested in reserving a spot in The Old Haunt lounge, please contact the store.

And now that snow has arrived, please make sure to bring a change of shoes with you. 


Virtual Connections

We're continuing to meet virtually until the physical distancing is over. We're doing a Virtual Knit Night - Thursdays at 6:30PM (one hour) through Facebook Live. And we have a Facebook group to share the projects we're working on - Sweet Yarnies. Make sure you come join us over there. 


As always, thank you to all those who continue to support Sweet Yarns through all this.

Stay safe and healthy!

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